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Chaitra Bryant becomes Board Chair of the National Minority Health Association

October 11, 20222 min read

Nutrition and Wellness Expert, Chaitra Bryant becomes Board Chair of the National Minority Health Association to Reduce Health Inequities. David Dalton becomes Chairman Emeritus.

OWINGS MILLS, Md. – October 10, 2022: -- The National Minority Health Association (NMHA), with national campaigns and programs to bring about health equity, has elected Chaitra Bryant as Board Chair, succeeding David Dalton, PharmD, who becomes Chairman Emeritus.

Ms. Bryant is an accomplished business leader and investor who assumes the leadership of the board of directors as NMHA accelerates its growth and mission of health equity after an $11.1M HRSA COVID-19 grant to reduce vaccine hesitancy in underserved communities.

Since founding 360 Wellness Collective Inc. and The Art of Wellness (a division of Chaitra, Inc.), she has spent the past 20 years serving as a wellness expert to executives and organizations at home and abroad, including National Jewish Health, Detroit East Health Services, and UPS®. Her services include "360-degree" healthy lifestyle coaching; curated wellness boxes; career development; fostering spiritual awareness, mindfulness, cleansing, and weight management; co-developing preventive care programs; and delivering natural cooking classes.

Ms. Bryant’s passion is to help people live their best lives, as evidenced by her leadership of the Bryant Family Foundation, which she co-founded. In her new role as Board Chair, she will leverage her expertise, connections, and skills to "reach, touch, and bring healthy living to even more people," according to Burgess Harrison, NMHA Executive Director.

In an accompanying announcement, the NMHA board has also recognized his many years of commitment and distinguished service by appointing David Dalton, PharmD as Chairman Emeritus. The Board extends its deepest appreciation to Dr. Dalton for his dedication as a founder of the National Association of Minority Health Association, and who has provided untiring service to the association and the people of the nation and beyond. In this role, Dr. Dalton will continue to offer expertise and provide his guidance in a volunteer capacity to the board from time to time and as needed on issues related to the health of underserved and minority communities.

About the National Minority Health Association

The National Minority Health Association was founded in 1988 by Dr. David L. Dalton, Chairman, and CEO of UNIVEC, INC.. Recently, the NMHA is administered an $11.1M HRSA grant to reduce COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy and deploys new programs that focus on patient-centered, value-based care, reduce costs, and improve outcomes for minorities and underserved communities, all in its mission to bring about health equity for all. To learn more, please visit

The organization also welcomes new members to join the Health Equity Action Leaders network and encourages donations to combat health inequitiesAdd your voice to the call for health equity.

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