. is a creative initiative to rally the arts community to support awareness and education of health equity and inspire change.

While we all have a personal responsibility for our healthcare, so many external factors impact our health out of one’s control.  Yes, we have choices, but often those choices are limited or constrained by the available options.  

We are all told to eat healthy, i.e., vegetables, etc.  But what if there is no place in your neighborhood to access vegetables at reasonable prices?  What if there is no grocery store?  There is a name for this —“food deserts,” and they exist even in large, metropolitan, and rural areas.  And what if there is no public transportation to those stores?  The truth is that many, in particular, people of color, start behind and, due to circumstances out of their control, stay behind simply due to where they live or the available jobs and, even worse, how society and the medical profession view them.  

Doesn’t everyone deserve a fair shot at living the healthiest life possible?  Sadly, that’s not the case in America and around the world.  Most people don’t even realize that they are at a disadvantage.  Further, your zip code may be the most critical determinant of your health and access to health services.  Yes, you heard that right—your zip code!  How fair is that?  Add also that implicit bias permeates our society and the healthcare system.  

We need change, but before there can be change, however, the public needs to be aware of and understand health equity and the lack thereof. 


Angelica McKinley is spearheading Alliance.

Angelica McKinley is a creative leader who thrives at the intersection of storytelling and technology.  Most recently, she’s expanded art direction and visual expression on the world’s most visited website through highly impactful, emotionally resonant iterations of Google’s logo centering on globally diverse artists, cultural nuance, and nostalgia.  Previously, Angelica created visuals at Apple News, Slack, and The New York Times.  

Twitter: @angelicadesigns

Instagram: @angelicamckinley

WHAT IS Alliance? Alliance is: Artists coming together to raise awareness of health equity (known and unknown artists) Helping boost the discovery of new artists and art Helping to create a dialog on the topic of health equity Financially supporting the NMHA mission of health equity. Art sold via an NMHA Gallery page initially on the NMHA website.  75% to the artist.  * 25% to NMHA as a donation.


  • Raise awareness of health equity and the NMHA.

  • Art provides a positive message for mental health.

  • Opens new markets for the artists.

  • Provides opportunities for Artists to engage with new audiences.

  • Supports the arts community and raises the profile of unknown artists.

  • Over time, Increase awareness of digital currency/ blockchain for minorities (financial issues cause stress and are health issues)


  • Paintings

  • Drawings

  • Illustration/animation

  • Comic/anime

  • Poetry

  • Sculptures

  • Music – digital tracks

  • Multi-hyphenate

  • Textiles

  • Other

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NMHA Launches Art Initiative to Raise Awareness of Health Equity

The National Minority Health Association (NMHA), a leading voice for health equity that drove the establishment of Minority Health Offices in all 50 states, announced the launch of THE.Art Alliance (The Health Equity Art Alliance).

THE.Art Alliance will help raise awareness of health equity and connect the artistic and digital worlds while educating underserved and marginalized communities on new technologies – through an artistic lens. Historically, these communities have been left behind and on the far side of the digital divide.

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Corporations and Organizations who join NMHA are supporting our mission to close the healthcare gaps that impact minority and underserved communities, and they gain invaluable access and visibility as a supporter of equity in healthcare worldwide.

We welcome your involvement in this growing movement that impacts the health of so many.


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